So... I've been meaning to call people, I really have but it seems like every weekend, it's something. Last weekend it was having to help my sister and having Austin over and this weekend I had to watch my mom because she was having an allergic reaction to her Celexa that the doc prescribed to her and Dad was at work. You know this whole having my Mom going to doctor all the time trying to figure out WHY she has short term memory loss fucking sucks. Soooo... Kimi, Kelly, I'm sorry for not calling but I've got a lot to deal with right now and I'll call soon, I promise, promise, promise.
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Found Sean Murray on MySpace! Too bad his last log in was sometime in early January. Maybe the planets will align in such a way that he checks his email? Logs into MySpace? Something? Maybe? Hopefully? Since the only number I have for him is a disconnected number? Heh
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Holy shit...

Baby sat all freaking weekend... never ever again. :D In other news... still haven't called Sean yet cause I don't have his new number. :D And ummm... that's about it... Going to get back to work now. heh.
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I am alives!

So yeah, where to begin. I'm totally not angry/mad at anyone and no one has done anything wrong. It's like I told Kel last night I have this routine and I haven't realized that months have gone by. I mean, I get up, I go to work, I get home and I eat dinner and then if Lyn is feeling up to it, we RP. I can't believe it's June already, feels like it was just February or something. At least to me anyways. It wasn't intentional, this long absence of mine but it happened and I'm sorry. I still love all of you and yes, your friendships mean alot to me and I'm sorry for being a bone head.

I'm going to see Kelly and Kimi this weekend, maybe Choices and movies, which will be awesome. I would like to get my head out of my ass or the sand, which ever and almost rediscover my friends again. :P Hey! We should start a new tradition and go to Steak n Shake or make tacos with ground chicken cause that is SO YUMMY!

In other news.... I'm going crazy!! YAY!! And I need to get back to work so yeah, talk to ya'll later, I'll try and update this more! :D
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Hey everyone, I am in fact still alive. Had the stomach flu at the beginning of the week and am now just feeling better. I'm sorry I haven't been around much but.... well, I just haven't been. Bah, I have more I want to say but whatever, I'm not going too. No point in it actually. Hope everyone is doing well. :D I might start updating this and I might delete my account, I'm not sure yet.
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I'm typing this entry on my new laptop. Yup, I bought myself a laptop. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to me for the next 2 years!! I'm happy with the purchase. It has wireless and the router is all hooked up so I can hide in my cave, aka my room.

Kelly is moving home. Do I need to you all how happy I am? I missed her more then I thought possible. I was alright with her being at college, because I got to see her more then once a year. Which let me tell ya sucks ass. When she gets home, we are having a welcome home (aka It's about fucking time!!!) party at Kimi's. I'm excited about that.

Other then that, not much has been going on with me. I've been working and making new friendships stronger. Lyn and I talked one night and decided to go back to Bowling Green in Feb. So I have that to look forward too. Mandy is going with us too, for a few reasons, main one is, I need her. Vixen and Z have been pissing me off and for some reason, being in Mandy's presences calms me. I'm worried about getting angry and those two.

I was supposed to go to work today but didn't. I'm going out to lunch with Krissy and my right shoulder is killing me. I don't know why. Maybe I slept on it wrong but whatever, it's making my carpal tunnel act up big time. The chairs at work suck ass, they don't help at all.

I have nothing else to say really so I'll stop typing. Hope everyone is doing good!
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The gods have spoken...


Enthusiastic, enterprising, courageous, likes to take risks.

Colors: male: rose, female: white
Compatible Signs:
Bastet, Isis
Apr 1 -Apr 19, Nov 8 - Nov 17

Role: God of wisdom, scribes, and writing
An ibis-headed man, or a baboon. Often seen with the moon on his head in either of these forms.
Sacred animals:
ibis, baboon

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Really, I have nothing to say. Just got home from Lyn's house. We ate dinner, stir fry which her husband, David cooked. Ate cake for Mandy's birthday, had a great time. I didn't want to leave, nope not at all but I had too, had to drive home and Mandy was with me and she got to bring home Godzilla, her new Bearded Dragon which Lyn gave to her. Mandy is so happy so that's good. I stopped for gas, I took my sisters car, and she checked to make sure she was okay. I got in the car and she said, "Godzilla is sleeping." I just smiled and shook my head at her. Why did I take my sisters car? For the same reason I washed all my clothes and closed them in my bedroom with a towel under the door. Lyn's youngest boy has asthma (did I spell that right?) and sometimes cigarette smoke residue on clothing can set it off. I live with a bunch of smokers and all of our cars are smokey so I stole Danielle's. Yup.... I'm rambling a bit waiting for Mandy to get online so I know she made it home okay. Already IM'd Lyn so she knew I'm home and safe. I think I want a Nextel again especially since more then likely, my parents are moving and since I can't afford to live on my own, I have to go with them. They are buying my sisters old house, as soon as this one and they one my Dad got for free sells. Anyways, while I might not get any service with a Nextel here at home, Danielle always did at her house. And Lyn has a Nextel so 2-waying = no long distance bill! Yay! Just need to talk to Danielle, see if she will add another line to her service and viola! She doesn't spend as much on her bill and I will have a cell phone. Woot! Damn, I'm doing rambling.
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The voices in my head.... AGAIN!

Do you guys have an idea what it's like to have an uber powerful, uber ancient, UBER pissed off Vampire in you head? When I went to bed last night, she was pacing. When I got up this morning.... she was pacing. Now that I'm at work and don't have to think about what I'm doing she's ranting and yup, still pacing.

However, now, after talking with Eliott... cause yes, she really is distracting, I've come up with a plan to save a young girl that Reaver is having his army rape and beat. It might work and then again, it might not... not sure... I will have to talk to Lyn about it tonight. Hopefully Z doesn't post for Reaver today. Shhhh, Kelly, Kimi... you have no idea that Z is Reaver, k?
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